Products >Two needle direct drive needle feed lockstitcher with split needle bar and auto thread trimmer

Function Introduction

Sewing speed:3000~3500R.M.P
Direct servo motor drive,split needle bar,two typies for thin material and heavy material
Automatic trimmer,pneumatic tension releaser,LED light,E-handwheel,pneumatic presser foot lifter
Suitable for coat,denim garment,cloth ornaments,beding, tent bags, decorative seams, etc.

This series is new product of Highlead brand two needle lockstitch sewing machines.With Highlead unique modern style appearance de sign,it is equipped with mini built-in powerful servo motor for direct drive.which features low noise,low vibration,outstanding energy saving,quick start,quick stop and easy installation.The rational needle bar disengagement mechanism assures smooth engagement and disengagement of the needle bars,thus two needle bars can work together or one needle bar works while the other needle bar stops for corner sewing by built-in operating panel,electronic dial,LED light,pneumatic tension release and pneumatic presser foot lifter,it greatly reduces labor intensity.It is available for stitching garment,bag,tent,umbrella,etc.

Product Parameters


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